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Slate Week

“Bring me your liars, your whores; your huddled bastards yearning to breed greed.” The Statue of Liberty must be cringing on her pedestal right now. I apologize to all immigrants for our sad excuse for a president. This is not … Continue reading

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52 Elephants For Empathy: Day 2

I kicked off day 2 by designing this logo for my 52 Elephants idea, which is inspired by the Orlando shootings. As I explained in yesterday’s post, my goal is to “make empathy cool again” — so I am offering … Continue reading

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Orlando and Empathy in Elephants

Gun-toting maniacs are out of control but the problem is not ISIL or guns or Muslims or homophobes. The world is rife with narcissism. We are surrounded by haters. We have to make hatred not cool. Unfortunately, hatred has become … Continue reading

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Corgi Stars On Slate

June must be the month of the Corgis. First there were these two adorable puppies, Bobby and Queenie, who are littermates. They are pictured together tugging on their bully stick, and then each gets their own individual portrait, too. Following … Continue reading

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“I have some slate for you,” my friend Denielle said. “It’s in my barn. There is a lot of it.” She knows I like to paint on slate. But when she started unloading the slate from the trunk of her … Continue reading

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It’s In the Stars

Like many others, I fell a little in love with the Blood Moon last night — so much so that I was inspired to paint it today.  It’s a big week/month/year for those of us with eyes on the skies. … Continue reading

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Still Flicking

Today’s project: Northern Flicker on slate about 3×9″. Obviously there’s a story with this one. We found one sitting on the road on our way to town the other day. We had seen them zooming all up and down the … Continue reading

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Made to Order!

I can’t really describe how attached I get to my work, other than to say it’s like a dog breeder finding just the right home for a certain pup.  You pour your time and energy into a piece.  A bit … Continue reading

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Wild Geese

Today’s project: Canada geese on slate. So the geese are back, or at least the ones who have left are back. Even though they are considered commonplace by many, I still thrill at the sight of them, winging overhead, settling … Continue reading

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Pet Star of the Week: Jinx, a Border Collie

Jinx was a fun subject.  A dynamic sport dog active in disc and dock diving, his owner gave me free rein to choose whatever picture I wanted.  It was a bit of difficult choice, because Stephanie’s pictures were excellent quality … Continue reading

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