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Clifford the Painting Horse

So yesterday, Clifford the Painting Horse went viral. His video was suddenly popping up everywhere. He even actually appeared in a newspaper in Guam. The Painting Horse video was originally made by the Lansing State Journal, who came out to … Continue reading

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I Heart (Paint) German Shepherds

“Those who believe a dog has no soul, have never looked in the eyes of a German shepherd.” I first heard that quote from Rosemary Risner, who bred one of my first German shepherds, Reva. I acquired Reva in Colorado … Continue reading

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A Painting a Day – Eastern Bluebird

Spring has come late this year. I was walking my dogs in the field behind the horse pasture the other day, amid all the brown and beige winter grasses and dried stems snapping under my feet. When I looked up, … Continue reading

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A Painting a Day: The Medicine Hat Filly

In the days when the horses were the most important mode of transportation (read: before the white man) there was the medicine hat horse. These sacred horses had dark ears and a spot crowning the head. The body was mostly … Continue reading

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Oils – A Whole New Beeswax!

Today’s project; OILS! I haven’t painted in oils in about a decade! During my gallery show at Fernwood Botanical Garden┬álast year, the curator Kathee Kiesselbach told me I should work in oils. I thought it was a good suggestion. It … Continue reading

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