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Movie Review – Get Out

  Photo courtesy of Blumhouse Productions, QC Entertainment A strange thing happened last night when I decided to get out of the house. It had been a rough day, calling for an escape to the movies. My first choice was,”The Zookeepers … Continue reading

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2017: A Phone Odyssey

It finally happened. My reliable, well-loved Blackberry went kaput. This was my third, or fourth or fifth Blackberry. We are talking at least a decade of Blackberry-type phones.  I was addicted to the tactile keys and never wanted to resort … Continue reading

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It’s Still a Wonderful Life

One of my dearest Christmas memories of late was the year my friend Steve set up a screen in his living room and rolled out an old projector to show me an original film version of, It’s a Wonderful Life. … Continue reading

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Florence Fosters Knee Jerks

The first thing that struck me about the movie Florence Foster Jenkins is that Hugh Grant is aging. Sad, but true. It’s happening to all of us, but there is little gratification in seeing it on him. Grant has played … Continue reading

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Free State of (Disability) Jones

  It’s Independence Day, so I guess it is the ideal time to point out that all Americans are not free. The film Free State of Jones is a triumphant and tragic commentary on how far independence has come. Matthew … Continue reading

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Happy New Year! And May the Horse Be With You

“Laugh it up, Fuzz Ball!” Little sis Amanda delights in that line whenever she finds it relevant. It stems, of course, from the original Star Wars, when Han Solo admonishes his jeering Wookie friend. Born with Down syndrome, Amanda’s disability … Continue reading

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My Most Unpopular Post Ever

I’m a carnivore.  I have often proclaimed this as a joke, but am only half joking when I say it. My dad was a deer hunter and he provided us with venison, rabbit, duck, ruffed grouse, woodcock, and whatever other … Continue reading

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The Red Carpet

I have to admit I am smitten with the whole giddy hubbub of Oscar night. The glitz, the glam, the jewelry, the shoes.  Bradley Cooper escorting his mother as his date.  The self-effacing humor of Jennifer Lawrence after she tripped … Continue reading

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