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Don’t Be a Shunner

I am fortunate in that I have been on the other side of the Shun and I see how the join-up system works. This is the story: Continue reading

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My Own Immigrant

We called her Grandma Gus. Her name was Esther. She had a serious countenance, but a quick smile and intelligent blue eyes. She was born during the long golden days of the Nordic Indian summer, early September 1887. Her home … Continue reading

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A Snake Called Narcissus

My little pond with its rocks and pebbles and shrubs has attracted a garter snake I call Athena, as I explained in a previous post. (Snakes… Why Did It Have To Be Snakes?) Athena ‘charmed’ me with what appears to … Continue reading

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The Place Where We All Live

The optometrist paused in shuffling through paperwork. “I knew a Bailey up on Drummond Island. She was a friend of my wife’s. Her house blew up.” “That was my cousin.” “What was her name? It started with a J.” “Jolene.” … Continue reading

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Women Over 30, Step Aside, Please….

Yeah, I get the picture. But the Universal Law of Youth and Beauty in our society is changing.  However, maybe someone needs to tell the publishing world.  Compelling stories of women aging way past the deadline are popping their stubborn heads up … Continue reading

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