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Clifford’s Library Visit in Diamondale: Merriment and Meat Market!

Taking a full grown horse into a library for a literacy program can be an all-encompassing prospect, especially when the horse is Clifford. He is busy. He must be watched or he tends to grab things off shelves or help himself to the refreshment table. Plus, there are the duties. Clifford performs tricks, signs his own biography, and poses for photos with every single person in the room. Continue reading

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Book Sale! The North Side of Down – Excerpt

The true story of two sisters, one with Down syndrome, the misfits in a large, dysfunctional family. When their father dies, the two sisters find their lives quickly unraveling. The North Side of Down is winner of the 2015 Medallion … Continue reading

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Clifford Rocks the Charlotte Library

Clifford played host to some 60 little kids this morning in Charlotte Community Library. Director Sally L. Seifert, the Children’s and Young Adult Librarian, had seen to it that the place was set up to my specifications: Plenty of room for Clifford … Continue reading

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Great Stories for Young Readers

My parents were lovers of books. Dad especially was a voracious reader. He would often keep two or three books going on at once. Mom’s appetite for books was more perfunctory. She enjoyed stories and had a collection of Reader’s … Continue reading

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Amanda Portrait Day 10 – Watercolor

Amanda would appreciate this image, as it is probably her favorite stage that her hair was in — long and flowing. This is the longest her hair ever got. She was about seven years old here. We always thought it … Continue reading

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Amanda Portrait – Day 8

I call this, “The Two Golden Orbs.” The picture is from the weeks in 2013 following Dad’s death, when Amanda and I stayed in the motel room that Amanda called, “Our apartment.” Este slept on Amanda’s bed every night and … Continue reading

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Amanda Portrait – Day 6

I call this one “Raggedy Mandy.” It is oil pencil on charcoal paper, about 9×12″. She didn’t play with dolls a whole lot, but once in awhile I could catch her with one. I have been granted a hearing. May … Continue reading

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Amanda Portrait, Day 2

A serious moment with her swing. She was seven years old here and she was serious about that swing! http://www.stopguardianabuse.org   The snowstorm is reminding me of snow days when we were young.

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Dr. Phil Wants Amanda and Me On His Show

Dr. Phil called. Okay, it was actually Dr. Phil’s employee. On December 7th, I received an email from Kristi Hall, a producer for Dr. Phil. She was trying to call me to potentially arrange for Amanda and me to appear … Continue reading

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The Cure for Shyness: Excerpt

In the deserted wasteland of the traditional romantic comedy, “The Cure for Shyness” emerged as a screenplay written to the normal standard: A girl. A boy, a conflict, a resolution. A happy ending. Throw in a sister with Down syndrome, … Continue reading

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