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I Heart My Sweet Tooth

I have always asked whatever significant other I was with, be it husband, boyfriend, flash-in-the-pan, crush, etc., NOT to give me appliances as gifts. I can’t think of anything more unromantic than a wrapped package that, when torn open, reveals a … Continue reading

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It’s Groundhog Day, and Phil Predicts an Early Spring. Ya Think?

Groundhog Day is synonymous with Bill Murray, but how does Donald Trump fit in? Even though I wrote the article, I’m only allowed to put the first few sentences on my blog, but I thought it was worth sharing:  When … Continue reading

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The Real “Mother of Dragons”

Shortly after I moved back to Michigan from California in 1988, my best friend announced that she was going to have a baby. Over the following months I received photos of Kimmy getting bigger and bigger, grinning the whole time. … Continue reading

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Origami Overo

This new slate piece is in loving memory of my friend Rita Heydon who died January 8, 2015, following a battle with cancer. She was one of my best lifetime friends, an odd, sunny character with a messy jeep and … Continue reading

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Happy New Year! And May the Horse Be With You

“Laugh it up, Fuzz Ball!” Little sis Amanda delights in that line whenever she finds it relevant. It stems, of course, from the original Star Wars, when Han Solo admonishes his jeering Wookie friend. Born with Down syndrome, Amanda’s disability … Continue reading

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The Great Ambassador

This article appeared in Equus Magazine in 2011. The library teems with a rainbow of colors as children file in, dressed in the bright t-shirts provided by the summer reading program. The theme stamped on the shirts is, “One World, Many Stories.” … Continue reading

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Chihuahuas in Art

Today’s project. This was a little bit of a demanding effort because the stars of the painting had to include the Kokopelli fireplace and the handmade, four-poster dog bed, both made by the client’s talented hubby. I gave quite a … Continue reading

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The Red Carpet

I have to admit I am smitten with the whole giddy hubbub of Oscar night. The glitz, the glam, the jewelry, the shoes.  Bradley Cooper escorting his mother as his date.  The self-effacing humor of Jennifer Lawrence after she tripped … Continue reading

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Wo, Wo, Wo, it’s Magic!

Since the console of my car had no change dispenser I thought a handy thing to do would be to keep change in the ashtray.  Since I am not a smoker, this seemed like a logical solution.  Well, unfortunately my … Continue reading

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New eBook About Dating

I finally finished my ebook. The Mental Obstacle Course – Dating a Narcissist “When your dog is less self centered than the man in your life.” This is a dog trainer’s perspective, explained as an amature behaviorist would view it. … Continue reading

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