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Horses and Dogs

Rip and Til playing, “Ring Around the Pony” Remembering a ride on the Island:  It’s Cliffy’s turn to run free and I’ve saddled Trudy up. We are enjoying a lively trot down the road toward the shore. Til the border collie … Continue reading

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Horse Books

In Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, sometimes it feels like winter is never going to end.  For a horse owner, it offers cold-weather challenges such as snow drifts, frozen water tanks and temps well below zero.  This season, the brave stewards of … Continue reading

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Trudy the Imp!

Last night we rode out to Reva’s Lake. It was Airatude’s turn to run loose and as she trotted along with us, I remembered a trick she had pulled on Dad just a couple of days prior. The horses love … Continue reading

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Back on Drummond

I walked Ripple down to my shore lot yesterday. It was the first time I’ve been down there since the fourth of July. I walk and walk two miles to get there and then there is always a certain white … Continue reading

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Friday’s Ride

It was Trudy’s turn to run freely yesterday, but it didn’t exactly work out. She is the one most in need of conditioning, as her tendency toward obesity has led to problems already this year. She has separation anxiety, so … Continue reading

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Today’s Ride

Anyone with any history with horses is probably privy to their aptitude as therapists. If anything in life is wrong, go spend time with your horse. You’ll feel better. Really. Clifford’s painting stints of late have been pretty hysterically funny, … Continue reading

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Morning Hay

The pastures are greening up, and the slanted golden light is so beautiful this morning that I pause from the chore of filling water buckets. I’m thinking the two horses having breakfast would be a nice watercolor. I decide to … Continue reading

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Today’s Walk

I think the StemEquine is helping Trudy. She has been running in from the field to be fed, and on our walks she shows no sign of lameness. I can’t wait to see how the next x rays come out. … Continue reading

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The Word is "’Tude!"

Well, does THIS look like a mare who has foundered? 😉 Here are a few pics of Trudy playing in the back yard today. I wouldn’t say she is 100%, yet, but…. Well, just look at her! Her feet x … Continue reading

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Today’s Walk

A beautiful snowy evening… Trudy is waiting for her x ray results. Clifford had a great time playing in the snow!

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