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Puppy Boot Camp Day 8 – Loki Learning “Speak” To Change A Bad Habit

When I first got Loki nine days ago, his human parents warned me that he liked to bite. While I didn’t experience a lot of biting, I noticed that he does like to snap the air. He seems to like … Continue reading

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Timid Puppy Day 4 – Teaching “Roll Over”

“Roll over” is a great confidence builder for shy puppies as puts them in a vulnerable position for a moment — but nothing bad happens — and they recover on their own steam. It is very easy to teach using … Continue reading

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Nerdy Talk About Horse Tricks

Horse tricks are fun, but they have seriously helpful applications. (As an aside, first of all, I found out too late today that in order to get a proper video, I have to turn my new phone, which I call … Continue reading

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Cats & Dogs in Art, and the Purrfect Bonus

Paintings on slate take on a life of their own, partly due to the chinks and cracks and chips in the stone itself.  It lends itself to all kinds of creative idiosyncrasies in each piece.  Here are some cat paintings I … Continue reading

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Tricks are for Kids

  Clifford the Wild Morgan! After the longest, hardest winter of our life, I decided to haul Cliffy downstate and get him back in shape for our tour.  He needs muscle tone and in fact, hasn’t even shed all his … Continue reading

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A Horse in the Farm Store – Outtake from "Clifford Goes Shopping"

// Here’s a fun short outtake from our YouTube promotion. In this one Clifford is “shopping” and supposed to examine certain things on the shelves. He starts out in work mode, offering up “yes” and “no”, but then he sees … Continue reading

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Pigs Helping Pigs

This year, Long Island Pet Expo had a booth with potbellied pigs.  This is not unusual for a pet expo, but for some reason I got it in my head that one of them should be trick trained. My dogs … Continue reading

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Puppy Tricks

// Most people don’t realize this, but little puppies can learn tricks faster and with more panache than adult dogs can.  There’s an early learning window lasting until a dog is about 5 months old, making their brains like little … Continue reading

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25 Ways to Raise a Great Border Collie

Terrible Til once again had a successful run in the Disc Dogs of Michigan Frisbee competition.  This one was held in Grand Blanc, Michigan and we placed third in the novice toss-and-fetch, against about 30 teams.  Til is pictured (against … Continue reading

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Talking With Dogs

Til shows off some of his prizes from a Frisbee competition. As I am moving back into my role as teacher, not only through an upcoming Tricks class at Borderhauss Kennels but as a certified CATCH trainer mentor, I’m realizing … Continue reading

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