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Talking With Dogs

As I am moving back into my role as teacher, not only through the upcoming Tricks class at Borderhauss Kennels but as a certified CATCH trainer mentor, I’m realizing how much nonverbal actions and consequences go into my daily routines.  … Continue reading

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Horses and Dogs

Rip and Til playing, “Ring Around the Pony” Remembering a ride on the Island:  It’s Cliffy’s turn to run free and I’ve saddled Trudy up. We are enjoying a lively trot down the road toward the shore. Til the border collie … Continue reading

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Ms. Rip Update

Several people thought that after our episode yesterday, Ms. Rip would want to stay away from the horses. Not so! Today she was eager to be back at work, keeping an eye on them as always. I did, however, leave … Continue reading

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Ms. Rip

It was a traumatic evening for Ms. Rip and me. I had let the horses out on the lawn while I cleaned stalls. The snow is almost gone due to the past four days of rain, and they were eager … Continue reading

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Back on Drummond

I walked Ripple down to my shore lot yesterday. It was the first time I’ve been down there since the fourth of July. I walk and walk two miles to get there and then there is always a certain white … Continue reading

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A Dog Story

As we walked down the driveway in the slanted evening light, I felt a bit sad watching Stewie come to terms with his disability. For a pup that was born with a hole in his head, he’s really not dumb … Continue reading

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Holy Cairn

Normally aloof and bossy with puppies, Rip borders on openly contemptuous. He is just way too active and ill-mannered for her taste. Rippy reminds me a lot of my old German shepherd Reva in some ways — gentle, ladylike and … Continue reading

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It’s a Wrap!

Ms. Rip finished her scenes for the Wayne State film, MY DOG RANIA last night in Detroit. Here she poses with her director, Marija. We had a bit of a challenge because Jess, the leading lady, is supposed to chase … Continue reading

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My Dog Rania

Another dream came true for me today, as one of my dogs got to be a movie star! Ripple is starring in, “My Dog Rania”, a short film about some med students who find the cure for a virus, with … Continue reading

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Cajun and Rip

They really want to play outside, but are trying to be patient!

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