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A Painting a Day: The Medicine Hat Filly

In the days when the horses were the most important mode of transportation (read: before the white man) there was the medicine hat horse. These sacred horses had dark ears and a spot crowning the head. The body was mostly … Continue reading

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Endless Equine Art

Last night I watched “Cave of Forgotten Dreams” on Netflix, Werner Herzog’s documentary about the Paleolithic-era paintings in the Chauvet cave of Southern France.  Deemed the oldest works of art on record, the paintings were primarily of horses.  Their scruffy … Continue reading

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What’s In a Face?

Native American girl holding a baby owl, acrylic, 8×10″.  The painting is still available for sale.  This is from an old photo (I mean really old, like from the early 1900’s).  I was compelled to paint her because I was … Continue reading

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