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A Friend At The End Of The World

When I first met Kerry she was 17 and married. Her voice had a high-end timbre that bounced off the walls with the power of a stage presence. Her wit was vicious with current events, and spun so fast I … Continue reading

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Amanda Portrait Day 22 – Lunch with the Cast of “Friends”

On her Bucket List, Amanda included, “Lunch with the cast of ‘Friends.’” She added, “They are probably all vegetarians. Except Courteney Cox. She probably eats meat.” So today’s portrait of Amanda includes the whole ‘Friends’ cast. I’m sure Amanda is … Continue reading

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The Real “Mother of Dragons”

Shortly after I moved back to Michigan from California in 1988, my best friend announced that she was going to have a baby. Over the following months I received photos of Kimmy getting bigger and bigger, grinning the whole time. … Continue reading

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Farewell to a Friend

Chally on slate, about 5×8″.  It’s been a hard week for my friend Stayner, who lost his life partner on September 3.  His life partner being, of course, his horse, LGM Challenger.  Stayner is an avid rider and an AHA … Continue reading

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How To Say Goodbye – With Cats

My best friend is dying. We met in 1989, and became daily companions. But after 8 years I had moved away, and we had seen each other sporadically thereafter.  Now that the cancer is taking its toll, of course, I wish I had put … Continue reading

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