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American Pharaoh (sp, but I can’t bear it!) and Firing Line

Winning the first Triple Crown in 30something years was no small feat, but I never paid much attention to American Pharaoh.  I had watched him in the Derby, and was so noncommittal that I didn’t even catch the Belmont.  But … Continue reading

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Today’s Project – Black on Black Equine Art

Surprisingly enough, a black horse on black background offers plenty of contrast opportunity, and the sheen on the coat can really pop.  As the photographs demonstrate, though, the image has to have proper brightness/contrast to be represented correctly (see below). … Continue reading

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Endless Equine Art

Last night I watched “Cave of Forgotten Dreams” on Netflix, Werner Herzog’s documentary about the Paleolithic-era paintings in the Chauvet cave of Southern France.  Deemed the oldest works of art on record, the paintings were primarily of horses.  Their scruffy … Continue reading

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Paintings on Slate

For my gallery show, I ordered a few slabs of slate from . It was my first time ordering from them. I was happy with the product, except that one of the holes wasn’t drilled all the way through. … Continue reading

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A Gallery Show at Fernwood Botanical Garden

This gallery contains 2 photos.

Several of my paintings, including “Dots”, this watercolor of an Appaloosa filly, will be hanging in Fernwood Gallery for their Contemporary Show beginning on Valentine’s Day.  Fernwood Gallery is located in the sprawling and inviting Fernwood Botanical Gardens in Niles, … Continue reading

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On the evening of August 22, I looked out the kitchen window and noticed Clifford in the pasture, lying down and getting up.  I dropped what I was doing and called out to Cindy, “I’ve got to go.  I’ve got … Continue reading

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Hay, Chewed

Got a nice email from Standlee Hay Company offering some samples of their timothy hay, alfalfa hay and alfalfa pellets.  Here is a pic of Cliffy from yesterday enjoying some of their alfalfa mix from Tractor Supply Company.  The horses … Continue reading

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A (Kind of) Old Horse, a (Kind of) New Idea

Clifford greeting kids at West Branch Library, summer 2011.  Tape on the floor is a boundary for kids so nobody gets accidentally stepped on! Clifford goes to every child in the front row. Those who shrink away he will pass … Continue reading

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Today’s Equine Art

Here’s an Andalusian concentrating hard on what is probably a sidepass. I like the colors in this; subtle shades of blue, yellow and rust. Oil pencil and conte on black. I listed it on eBay.

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Today’s Project: Horses

Dad took one look at this and started laughing. I’d tried to disguise him by changing the blaze, but couldn’t. Here are two Cliffords! I did this to donate to the Michigan Morgan Horse Futurity Gala silent auction fund raiser. … Continue reading

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