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Puppy Boot Camp Day 2 – Loki Beginning Trick Training

,June 2, 2018 Since he arrived on May 31, Loki has been saturated with new experiences, all crammed into a regulated schedule. First thing in the morning, he goes out for about an hour, to play with the other dogs, … Continue reading

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Puppy Boot Camp – Loki’s Journal Day 1

Loki is a maybe-Doberman mix who was rescued from a high kill shelter in San Antonio, Texas and bused to the Grand Rapids area. He was adopted by some friends of mine, perhaps due to his ears. Well, that’s why … Continue reading

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I Heart (Paint) German Shepherds

“Those who believe a dog has no soul, have never looked in the eyes of a German shepherd.” I first heard that quote from Rosemary Risner, who bred one of my first German shepherds, Reva. I acquired Reva in Colorado … Continue reading

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The Real Jesus

There was a time when the sight of the cross made me want to throw up. That’s how bad it was. I have long been skeptical about the existence of God, due to the usual questions of allowing all the … Continue reading

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The Thing You Can Do For A Friend When Their Pet Dies

I’m the Angel of Death. It is quite accidental but it’s turned out that way because I offer one of the strange comforts — is there is such a thing as comfort — when a pet passes away. Speaking from … Continue reading

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When Doves Fly

The trill of the mourning dove is a sad sound to some people, but to me it has a calming effect, almost like an avian lullaby. The doves mate for life and there are two pairs that have been hanging … Continue reading

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A Painting a Day: Mother’s Day

Celebrating all types of motherhood today. This commission, a watercolor of a German shepherd and her Leonberger buddy, arrived as a surprise to their owner yesterday, just in time. I have since learned that the German shepherd, Banshee, was one … Continue reading

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A Painting a Day: The Call of the Loons

We who hail from the North always look forward to the return of the loon; its haunting cry and wild laugh is the epitome of our hopes and dreams. Loon is the dream totem; the symbol that all your dearest … Continue reading

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Today’s Watercolor: The Fairy and the Dwarf Dog

When you think you know all there is to know about dogs, it turns out that you are wrong. I just found out that the Corgi was the gift of fairies. That’s right, this short-legged, feisty, vigorous herder and funny … Continue reading

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Spring Greening

Last night I was home late from the Kentucky Derby party and the horses had given up on me. I was able to get Clifford’s stall all set, with beet pulp and grain and fresh water, and there was no … Continue reading

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