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Toxic Siblings, and the Bailey Legacy

Lately, I have seriously considered permanently changing my name. Because I am an artist and writer, I have always just kept my own name to avoid confusion, even maintaining it through an eleven-year marriage, now defunct. There is the matter … Continue reading

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Down Syndrome, Guardianship Abuse: A Timeline

Once a guardian figures out he is an oligarch and answers to no one, including the law, there are no limits to his behavior. This is a rundown on how the situation escalated with my sister, Amanda, who has Down … Continue reading

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Clicker Training A Mare To Tolerate Clippers

Sophie is a Morgan mare who, at the impressive age of 36, has developed Cushing’s Disease. This has led to her inability to fully lose her winter coat despite 90+ degree temperatures in Eastern Washington. Her owner wanted to clip … Continue reading

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Down Syndrome, and Freedom of Speech — The Truth Isn’t The Truth

Who will be your guardian? Who will take control when you are deemed unfit to make decisions? For my sister Amanda, who has Down syndrome, this has already been decided. She is not allowed to mourn for her brother in … Continue reading

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Blood Sisters Part 3 — Is Amanda’s Guardian Mean, Crazy or Just Stupid?

Falling into the category of, “Making a Hard Loss Harder Than It Has To Be”: #griefsucks #familysucksmore #guardianshipsucks #downsyndromedoesnotequalstupid Mean Sees Amanda just lost her favorite brother, Jon. (Yep, sorry Ted, he is way ahead of you. I am sure … Continue reading

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A Little Respect – Blood Sisters, Part 2

Aretha’s death is puncturing the airwaves just as her voice did. The RESPECT song is a hallmark of the #Metoo movement, and we need it now more than ever. It is the handle of a hammer for women. We will … Continue reading

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They’re Back At It — And We’re Still Blood Sisters

If this seems like something that doesn’t concern you, as my sister Amanda would say, “Think again.” Amanda has Down syndrome. How does this relate to you? Let me explain it. At some point, God willing, you will grow old. … Continue reading

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It Ain’t Dyin’ I’m Talking About, It’s Livin’

It’s ironic that I have to follow up my last post, “When the Curtain Grows Thin”, which was about messages we receive from loved ones who have left their earthly shell and gone to what Jon would call the Happy … Continue reading

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When the Curtain Grows Thin

On July 4th, Mr. Thomas Gibbons was walking on the road down by the campground where he was staying with family members, just north of the old H&H store. It was around 2 am and there were likely fireworks popping … Continue reading

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Clifford the Painting Horse

So yesterday, Clifford the Painting Horse went viral. His video was suddenly popping up everywhere. He even actually appeared in a newspaper in Guam. The Painting Horse video was originally made by the Lansing State Journal, who came out to … Continue reading

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