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Drummond Island’s Own Horse Whisperer

I had an unhappy surprise when I opened up the December issue of the Drummond Island Digest. The obituaries showed a photo of my friend Allen Hoey. It said that he had died at home at the end of October. … Continue reading

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Toxic Siblings, and the Bailey Legacy

Lately, I have seriously considered permanently changing my name. Because I am an artist and writer, I have always just kept my own name to avoid confusion, even maintaining it through an eleven-year marriage, now defunct. There is the matter … Continue reading

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When the Curtain Grows Thin

On July 4th, Mr. Thomas Gibbons was walking on the road down by the campground where he was staying with family members, just north of the old H&H store. It was around 2 am and there were likely fireworks popping … Continue reading

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The Ol’ Homestead (Or, Olmstead)

  Those of us who grew up in and around DeTour Village all knew Ardis and Dolores Olmstead. But it’s funny how once someone becomes enshrined in memory, you appreciate them more. The long-married couple lived just around the corner … Continue reading

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Don’t Poke the Bear

The first child born on Drummond Island to the Bailey family, Alda Anne grew up in the 1880’s with a pack of brothers in the lumber camps. Drummond then was covered in trees; massive columns so tall they obscured the … Continue reading

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Drummond Island Life at Lumber Camp

Drummond Island in those days was a giant canopy; its soft, muffled ground hidden beneath a cloak of orange needles. The cedar trees were so tall that their tops became crowned with eagle nests. The birds emerged from a mass … Continue reading

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How Going Under Saddle Is Not the Same As Socializing A Puppy

How do you you teach a young horse to stop bucking, kicking and walking backwards every time you get on him? I admit there are a lot of things about training horses that I picked up from dog training. Working … Continue reading

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Autumn Harvest

Driving the truck around is cumbersome, and slightly embarrassing, today, because it’s still stacked with a tower of hay. The bales are packed so tightly that I can’t get my fingers under the twine, and those suckers are heavy: One … Continue reading

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The Place Where We All Live

The optometrist paused in shuffling through paperwork. “I knew a Bailey up on Drummond Island. She was a friend of my wife’s. Her house blew up.” “That was my cousin.” “What was her name? It started with a J.” “Jolene.” … Continue reading

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“I have some slate for you,” my friend Denielle said. “It’s in my barn. There is a lot of it.” She knows I like to paint on slate. But when she started unloading the slate from the trunk of her … Continue reading

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