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I Heart (Paint) German Shepherds

“Those who believe a dog has no soul, have never looked in the eyes of a German shepherd.” I first heard that quote from Rosemary Risner, who bred one of my first German shepherds, Reva. I acquired Reva in Colorado … Continue reading

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The Thing You Can Do For A Friend When Their Pet Dies

I’m the Angel of Death. It is quite accidental but it’s turned out that way because I offer one of the strange comforts — is there is such a thing as comfort — when a pet passes away. Speaking from … Continue reading

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A Painting a Day: Mother’s Day

Celebrating all types of motherhood today. This commission, a watercolor of a German shepherd and her Leonberger buddy, arrived as a surprise to their owner yesterday, just in time. I have since learned that the German shepherd, Banshee, was one … Continue reading

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Today’s Watercolor: The Fairy and the Dwarf Dog

When you think you know all there is to know about dogs, it turns out that you are wrong. I just found out that the Corgi was the gift of fairies. That’s right, this short-legged, feisty, vigorous herder and funny … Continue reading

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Pet Star of the Week: Jinx, a Border Collie

Jinx was a fun subject.  A dynamic sport dog active in disc and dock diving, his owner gave me free rein to choose whatever picture I wanted.  It was a bit of difficult choice, because Stephanie’s pictures were excellent quality … Continue reading

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Cats & Dogs in Art, and the Purrfect Bonus

Paintings on slate take on a life of their own, partly due to the chinks and cracks and chips in the stone itself.  It lends itself to all kinds of creative idiosyncrasies in each piece.  Here are some cat paintings I … Continue reading

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Morning Oats

Well, what can one say after a long hiatus? I have let my blogspot fall into neglect… Alas… And unfortunately the past year has provided plenty to blog about. Clifford has toured the eastern part of the USA, visiting libraries, … Continue reading

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Today’s Dog Art – Newfoundland

I still love painting Newfs after having lived with one for 11 years. From a distance this appears to be a black dog on black, but up close you can see that there are primary colors used for highlights and … Continue reading

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Today’s Watercolor – German Shepherd and Westie

Dutchess and Becky in the morning glories; 12 x 15″. To see a demo of my painting technique, visit my shop at

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