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On To Bigger and Brighter Things: Like A New Book About Morgan Horses

It’s pretty hard to be sad when you have horses who like to play on the beach. Kerry 7th Gen has made his debut on Drummond Island and he is finding out exactly why his older pasture mates have become … Continue reading

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A Trail Ride By Design?

  Ponying the baby, on Thursday: I grab the lead rope that is hanging on a fence post and snap the end on the colt’s halter. “Come on.” He pulls against us at first, but then he gets what’s going … Continue reading

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An Old Horse’s New Trick

All his life, Clifford has been a notorious practical joker. Some of his pranks are small ones. A favorite is a pretend bite, which he does out of the side of his mouth, a quick nipping motion that used to … Continue reading

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Clifford and the Pond Routine

I’ve noticed Clifford spending more time apart from the other two horses. They are out in the field, nipping off the tips of the new spring grass nearly as soon as it emerges from the dirt. Clifford spends the heat … Continue reading

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The Problem With Anniversaries

Both my parents had the nerve to die on the day before a holiday. Mom died on December 31, 2010. Dad died on March 30, 2013. That year, March 30 fell on a Saturday, the day before Easter. So Dad … Continue reading

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Clifford Lobbies For Clean Water

Flint, Michigan has been the center of attention on a world-wide scale this year. That’s what happens when you switch from the great Lake Huron to a cesspool as your water source. We’ve had everyone from Erin Brockovich to Cher … Continue reading

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Happy New Year! And May the Horse Be With You

“Laugh it up, Fuzz Ball!” Little sis Amanda delights in that line whenever she finds it relevant. It stems, of course, from the original Star Wars, when Han Solo admonishes his jeering Wookie friend. Born with Down syndrome, Amanda’s disability … Continue reading

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The Great Ambassador

This article appeared in Equus Magazine in 2011. The library teems with a rainbow of colors as children file in, dressed in the bright t-shirts provided by the summer reading program. The theme stamped on the shirts is, “One World, Many Stories.” … Continue reading

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Farewell to a Friend

Chally on slate, about 5×8″.  It’s been a hard week for my friend Stayner, who lost his life partner on September 3.  His life partner being, of course, his horse, LGM Challenger.  Stayner is an avid rider and an AHA … Continue reading

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Why a Full-Sized Horse in a Library?

When I am asked about our program, I explain that we promote literacy (the obvious answer), but also that we are promoting empathy and respect for life, in hopes of making the world a better place.  I don’t usually explain … Continue reading

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