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For the Down Hearted: on Death, Love, God and Christmas

I try not to talk too much about my religious beliefs, not only because they are a private matter for everyone, not only because the topic is ripe for hot debate and self-righteous scolding, not only because I am not … Continue reading

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It’s Still a Wonderful Life

One of my dearest Christmas memories of late was the year my friend Steve set up a screen in his living room and rolled out an old projector to show me an original film version of, It’s a Wonderful Life. … Continue reading

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Every Time a Bell Rings, A Horse Earns a Few Bucks

Wheelzebub lives up to its name at every opportunity! They say no good deed goes unpunished.  At least, that’s how it seemed when I tried to get the van and Wheelzebub out of the driveway following the worst ice storm … Continue reading

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New Equine Art Calendar for 2010

I designed this 15 month calendar today, thinking there was no way I’d have enough art to fill it. I surprised myself! I was able to crop a lot of my vertical designs to make them fit into a horizontal … Continue reading

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The Postman Always Rings True

So I was at the P.O. yesterday sending out more Christmas cards. Apparently people are still mailing Christmas cards because they continue to buy them from me. Anyway, as the postmaster put them on the scale he asked, “Do these … Continue reading

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Border Collies (or Puppies as Gifts)

I was having lunch with my friend Beth the other day. She’s a biologist and very savvy dog trainer who is working with a few puppies on an in-home basis. She has a friend who lost an elderly dog and … Continue reading

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Friday’s Ornament – Friesian

This is a sketch in charcoal of a Friesian. I distinctly remember that while I was drawing this, I was talking on the phone with my mother, which might explain why the horse’s hair is standing on end.

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Today’s Watercolor – German Shepherd Puppy

Actually, this was finished a week or so ago, but it was a gift so I couldn’t post it. This is my friend Mary Ann’s German shepherd puppy, Sable. The watercolor was commissioned by Mary Ann’s very generous Secret Santa, … Continue reading

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Wednesday’s Ornament – Sheltie

This watercolor is called “Squirrel Patrol”. I actually found a photo of a squirrel raiding a bird feeder and wanted to paint that. But I incorporated the dog to make it into a little story that most dog owners can … Continue reading

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Christmas All Over the World

The Bernese Mountain dog, or Berner as he is better known, is one of my favorite subjects although I have never owned one. My friend Nancy Jean has a couple. They are huge, sloppy, happy guys who always seem to … Continue reading

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