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Puppy Boot Camp Day 4: Loki Beginning “Stay”

The “stay” cue isn’t hard to teach, although it is easy to nullify in short order. The reason is usually due to a lack of proofing during training. With this in mind, teaching “stay” is a long-term process that has … Continue reading

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How To Say Goodbye – With Cats

My best friend is dying. We met in 1989, and became daily companions. But after 8 years I had moved away, and we had seen each other sporadically thereafter.  Now that the cancer is taking its toll, of course, I wish I had put … Continue reading

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Feline Art

  I was a little tempted to change this cat into a Somali or Abyssinian, as that is my “breed bias”, but this time I decided to leave it black.  I think it works with the coldness of the marble … Continue reading

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