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A Painting a Day: Goldfinch on Ice

Yesterday, following the ice storm, I spied this goldfinch in a lilac bush, already transitioning to his summer hue of violent yellow. He looked quite out of place, but wasn’t the least bit embarrassed about it. So I painted him. … Continue reading

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A Painting a Day: Red Fox Watercolor

The red fox moves through the willows looking for an errant bird to snag. The spring is so early that he hasn’t even shed his winter coat yet. But the colors are all about the bloom. This watercolor is no … Continue reading

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A Painting a Day: The Medicine Hat Filly

In the days when the horses were the most important mode of transportation (read: before the white man) there was the medicine hat horse. These sacred horses had dark ears and a spot crowning the head. The body was mostly … Continue reading

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A Painting A Day: I Try Oils (Again)

Painting in oils hasn’t been my thing.  Part of the reason is due to my impatience. I also realized, while working on “Night Heron”, that my style is not typical for someone who works with oils. I work fast, and tight. … Continue reading

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A Painting a Day

Painting is not always fun. For whatever reason, some of us are compelled to just keep on doing it. But when you are painting model horses, some kind of madness takes over. There are people who collect these things. Breyer, … Continue reading

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The Crazy World of Shipping Art – Packy Come Home!

April 11: Packy arrived. Tube torn in half. It arrived in a plastic bag with the cap off. Art was unharmed, fortunately, save for one small tear in the corner. This was for a tube mailed at end of February, … Continue reading

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2017: A Phone Odyssey

It finally happened. My reliable, well-loved Blackberry went kaput. This was my third, or fourth or fifth Blackberry. We are talking at least a decade of Blackberry-type phones.  I was addicted to the tactile keys and never wanted to resort … Continue reading

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Amanda Portrait, Day 3

Amanda is a Special Olympics gold medal swimmer and diver. If the ferry boat ever sinks, she is, “under contract to save my sorry cement block butt.” She started out young — Dad wanted her to be confident in the … Continue reading

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How Buying Art Improves Your Health

Art investors know one of the best-kept secrets to supporting the creative effort: A lifestyle that bursts with good health and energy. The reason for this is, quite simply, collecting art motivates one to maintain a healthier lifestyle. First of … Continue reading

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Watercolor Week

Watercolors have mass appeal; it seems to me they are the most popular among mediums. I’ve never  been sure exactly why. It might be their unique softness and easily recognizable transparency. Transparency can be an appealing quality, for sure.   … Continue reading

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