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The Crazy World of Shipping Art – Packy Come Home!

April 11: Packy arrived. Tube torn in half. It arrived in a plastic bag with the cap off. Art was unharmed, fortunately, save for one small tear in the corner. This was for a tube mailed at end of February, … Continue reading

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2017: A Phone Odyssey

It finally happened. My reliable, well-loved Blackberry went kaput. This was my third, or fourth or fifth Blackberry. We are talking at least a decade of Blackberry-type phones.  I was addicted to the tactile keys and never wanted to resort … Continue reading

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Amanda Portrait, Day 3

Amanda is a Special Olympics gold medal swimmer and diver. If the ferry boat ever sinks, she is, “under contract to save my sorry cement block butt.” She started out young — Dad wanted her to be confident in the … Continue reading

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How Buying Art Improves Your Health

Art investors know one of the best-kept secrets to supporting the creative effort: A lifestyle that bursts with good health and energy. The reason for this is, quite simply, collecting art motivates one to maintain a healthier lifestyle. First of … Continue reading

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Watercolor Week

Watercolors have mass appeal; it seems to me they are the most popular among mediums. I’ve never  been sure exactly why. It might be their unique softness and easily recognizable transparency. Transparency can be an appealing quality, for sure.   … Continue reading

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Mom’s Angels

Most of us have a cherished ornament that we kind of forget about during the months leading up to Christmas. It stores like a capsule of memories; a treasure trove of Christmases past. At the end of the season, when … Continue reading

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52 Elephants For Empathy: Day 2

I kicked off day 2 by designing this logo for my 52 Elephants idea, which is inspired by the Orlando shootings. As I explained in yesterday’s post, my goal is to “make empathy cool again” — so I am offering … Continue reading

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Oils – A Whole New Beeswax!

Today’s project; OILS! I haven’t painted in oils in about a decade! During my gallery show at Fernwood Botanical Garden last year, the curator Kathee Kiesselbach told me I should work in oils. I thought it was a good suggestion. It … Continue reading

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The Real “Mother of Dragons”

Shortly after I moved back to Michigan from California in 1988, my best friend announced that she was going to have a baby. Over the following months I received photos of Kimmy getting bigger and bigger, grinning the whole time. … Continue reading

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It’s In the Stars

Like many others, I fell a little in love with the Blood Moon last night — so much so that I was inspired to paint it today.  It’s a big week/month/year for those of us with eyes on the skies. … Continue reading

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