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Pet Star of the Week: Libby the Gordon Setter

Sometimes you can just tell from a photo.  When Libby’s mom emailed me asking me to paint her portrait, I looked at the pics and asked her what the story was.  Libby just had a presence.  Her mom, Susan, wrote … Continue reading

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The Big Topple

It’s hard to imagine a circus without elephants, but let’s hope that is the direction we’re going, now that Ringling has announced its intent to retire its herd of pachyderms. I’ve heard both arguments on the cause of elephants in … Continue reading

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A Higher Standard in Poodle Art

When I got the request to paint a Standard Poodle I went, “COOL!” because I am nuts about the breed. They can be really active, so I envisioned doing a portrait of one leaping with a big laughing face and … Continue reading

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Sport Dogs In Art

I just completed this acrylic painting of a corgi running agility and was reminded again of how the wisest pet owners leave the art up to the artist.  A sport dog offers great subject matter; the painting is loaded with energy … Continue reading

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Winter Wolf

Someone posted a photo of a black wolf crossing the ice near my hometown yesterday in Michigan’s Eastern Upper Peninsula.  It inspired this painting.  The canvas is small, only 9×12″, so the wolf is done in very tiny detail.  Wolves are considered … Continue reading

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Horse and Sleight

I am eagerly anticipating the arrival of more slates!  Just last year I started doing more slate paintings and am going full throttle now.  One of the challenges lies in the inherent grain of the slate. This has been especially interesting … Continue reading

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Border Collie on Slate

My friend Barb’s border collie is featured in today’s slate painting. This beautiful dog has appeared on billboards promoting pet expos all over the country from Michigan to New York. She is easily one of the fastest dogs I have … Continue reading

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Feline Art

  I was a little tempted to change this cat into a Somali or Abyssinian, as that is my “breed bias”, but this time I decided to leave it black.  I think it works with the coldness of the marble … Continue reading

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Paintings on Slate

For my gallery show, I ordered a few slabs of slate from . It was my first time ordering from them. I was happy with the product, except that one of the holes wasn’t drilled all the way through. … Continue reading

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A Gallery Show at Fernwood Botanical Garden

This gallery contains 2 photos.

Several of my paintings, including “Dots”, this watercolor of an Appaloosa filly, will be hanging in Fernwood Gallery for their Contemporary Show beginning on Valentine’s Day.  Fernwood Gallery is located in the sprawling and inviting Fernwood Botanical Gardens in Niles, … Continue reading

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