Why My Sister With Down Syndrome Is Smarter Than Her “Normal” Brother

My latest installment of, “When the Witless Go To Washington” — or maybe, “You Can’t Outwit the Wittiest”? Or, “No One is Dumber Than Dan”? This actually happened.

As I explained in previous posts, our brother Jon died in August and the whole ugly clan went out to Washington to gather. My hopes to spend quality time with my sister Amanda were crushed, due to a bunch of non-reasons, the only actual one being that they are a bunch of bullies.

Dan asked Judy, Jon’s wife, to have me leave so they could visit. Obviously I didn’t know they were bringing Amanda.


They gave her some story and she outed them.   #DownSyndromeDoesntMeanStupid






About Nancy J. Bailey

Artist, author, bad karaoke singer. Woodsy ragamuffin. Mom of a horse named Clifford who plays fetch and paints with watercolors. He visits libraries and schools with me, to promote literacy and making the world a better place. Yes, he is house trained, no, he doesn't live in my house! I have written three books about Clifford. But my newest book, THE NORTH SIDE OF DOWN, is co-written by my awesome sister Amanda, who has Down syndrome. Her unexpected one-liner wisecracks can always make me laugh. If you make me laugh, you've made my day!
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