Rip Overcomes Her Hydro-Phobia

I used to think it was pretty funny to say my dog has hydrophobia. It is, actually, the technical name for Rabies.

Rip has a fear of deep water, but she has been vaccinated against rabies.

However, I recently found out that one of the symptoms of rabies is fear of water…. Hence the name.

Go figure.

Lately, Rip has been surprising me. I think it’s due to peer pressure, and keeping up with the other dogs, but yesterday she actually swam out and fetched the ball, for the first time ever!

I even caught the moment on video.


Then after her first attempt, she had to try it again for real. She had been fetching little sticks, just paddling a few strokes, but this was her first attempt to go farther out and get the ball.

Who knew this a dog could learn to swim at age 12!



About Nancy J. Bailey

Artist, author, bad karaoke singer. Woodsy ragamuffin. Mom of a horse named Clifford who plays fetch and paints with watercolors. He visits libraries and schools with me, to promote literacy and making the world a better place. Yes, he is house trained, no, he doesn't live in my house! I have written three books about Clifford. But my newest book, THE NORTH SIDE OF DOWN, is co-written by my awesome sister Amanda, who has Down syndrome. Her unexpected one-liner wisecracks can always make me laugh. If you make me laugh, you've made my day!
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